Heli Flight Information

Heliport Location

  • Heliport reference point co-ordinates: 51o29’05.29″N 003o54’37.80″E.
  • Heliport operator, postal address: Gemeenschappelijke Meldkamer Zeeland (GMZ), tel +31 (0)118 414 444; Admiraal de Ruyter Ziekenhuis, locatie Goes, tel: +31 (0)113 234 000.
  • Intended for: Helicopters that, according to the flight manual, may operate on a heliport.
  • Purpose: Special heliport for medical purposes only.
  • Limitations on use: Flights to/from the heliport shall be executed in VMC.
  • Operational HR: 30 minutes PPR. Helicopter operators are advised to contact the hospital well before landing.
  • Competent ATS unit: ARO Schiphol, tel: +31 (0)20 406 2315/406 2316.
  • Competent MET office: KNMI Aviation Services; MWO-De Bilt, tel: 099-202 3341 (€0,50/min), only from abroad: tel +31 (0)30 220 6581.
  • Rescue and fire fighting services: CAT H1.

Heliport Data

  1. FATO dimensions/surface: Rectangle 24 x 36 m/grass.
  2. FATO (Final approach and take off area) markings: Boundary markers.
  3. TLOF (touchdown and lift off area) dimensions/surface: 12 x 12 m/paved.
  4. TLOF markings: Heliport identification marking (red H on white cross). TLOF marking (white line).
  5. Obstacle limitation: Two approach surfaces AVBL 175o GEO and 355o GEO to FATO, two takeoff surfaces AVBL 175o GEO and 355o GEO from FATO, sloping up 1:10 (10%).
  6. Significant obstacles: Radio tower Goes, NW of heliport, 486 ft; Trees in approach surface 175o FATO.
  7. Lights: Green perimeter lights along square of 15 x 15 m. Floodlights. Red obstacle lights on rooftop of hospital.
  8. Windsock: Illuminated wind direction indicator.
  9. Remarks: NIL

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